To the Homeowners in Sandstone Hills, welcome to your Homeowner’s Association Website.

Sandstone Hills is a unique subdivision in Spearfish, a city that has received national awards for its quality of life and amenities. From various locations in our little corner of Spearfish we enjoy views of Lookout Mountain, Spearfish Mountain and Crow Peak. We have city amenities within or attached to our subdivision including greenways, a picnic area, access to the city walk & bike path. We also are adjacent to a semi-private golf course.

The city has ordinances which require homeowners to maintain their property to certain standards. Our community is a ‘Covenant Controlled Community’, which further defines standards for homes and landscaping. These covenants help to maintain the value of all the properties in the subdivision. With each homeowner keeping their home and landscape within the guidelines set forth in the covenants, we can all take pride in our community. Properties within the Sandstone Hills Homeowner’s Association are identified in the Association List of Lots.